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The Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund Program (BSTF) provides state funds to promote long-term stable economic growth in Montana with financial assistance in the following two categories:

Economic Development Job Creation Projects

Job Creation funding is awarded to create good paying jobs for residents in basic sector businesses, in the form of grants or loans. Local and tribal governments can apply on behalf of a basic sector business to create at least one net new eligible job in Montana. More information on eligible applicants and required activities for funded businesses can be found on the Job Creation Information Page.  

Planning Projects

Planning Projects funding is awarded to Certified Regional Development Corporations (CRDCs), tribal or local governments, or other economic development organizations not part of a CRDC region, to support economic development planning activities, including but not limited to support for business improvement districts; central business district redevelopment; industrial development; feasibility studies; creation and maintenance of baseline community profiles; matching funds for federal funding; preproduction costs for film or media; and administrative expenses. A map of the eligible planning project applications is available here. More information can be found on the Planning Projects Information Page.

Program guidelines are available, and includes more information about the program specifics, including eligibility, penalties, procedures and other requirements.

Applications will be accepted through the funding portal 

The FY 18 Applications - the Department is currently not accepting any additional applications for planning projects.

The next application window for Job Creation Projects will open in Spring 2018.

Contact Annmarie Robinson, Section Manager at 406.841.2250.

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