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State Technology Partnership Committee (STPC)

STPC is an informal mentoring network of committed local, state, university, and federally elected leaders charged with supporting the technology-based sector of the state's economy. MTIP convenes the STPC participants two times a year. Members include representatives from the state’s Congressional offices; the Governor's office; the technology-transfer offices at the state’s two universities; the Montana Department of Commerce Director; the state SBDC program; the Department of Defense TechLink program; the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center; the Montana Board of Research and Commercialization Technology; and occasional guest participants of interest.
The STPC is a collaboration of government, university, and private sector interests that have met since June 2003 to share information and work together to promote and nurture technology-based business opportunities in Montana. The continuity of the member commitment is a significant indicator of the value growing from the STPC collaboration. The overall purpose of STPC is to convene the TBED technical assistance providers and collaborate, coordinate and share resources. Indeed, continuation of STPC’s work is a critical factor in maintaining a community of technology-minded leaders who share a common vision of tech-based economic development in Montana. The STPC is a catalyst for action to serve the common interests of our Committee members. Through the STPC collaborative effort, the group will:

  • Function as a Mentoring Network and continue to educate each other and coordinate resources by meeting regularly and sharing knowledge and information.
  • Collect case studies and data to demonstrate the value of our work with tech-based businesses.
  • Promote interactions among members and our clients to identify further opportunities for growth, successes, needs and feedback.
  • Make available our collective knowledge to educate policy makers about the value and importance of the technology-based business foundation in Montana.

MTIP recognizes the broad support and ongoing cooperation of the State Technology Partnership Committee, whose members' expertise, resources, networks, and activities make Montana a resource-rich state for technology businesses:

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