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MTIP is dedicated to helping high-tech companies with the specialized services they need to successfully commercialize their innovations and create excellent living-wage jobs in Montana. To assist clients in key areas of technology commercialization, including Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR and STTR), MTIP staff and counselors have created this library of webinars, guides, and links to other resources.   
MTIP assistance doesn’t stop here. MTIP staff and counselors are available for free one-on-one counseling through the SBA's Federal and State Technology (FAST) Program. Register today for personal technical assistance on federal funding opportunities and intellectual property concerns.

MTIP's Tech Talk™ Guides

These guides are for potential applicants to federal SBIR programs as well as clients interested in information on intellectual property (IP). The SBIR Guides identify unique aspects of each agency's SBIR program, describe the nature of its topics, and links readers to additional agency resources. When used in conjunction with MTIP’s Profile of a Good Candidate, these guides will help prospective applicants determine quickly whether to pursue funding under the federal SBIR program and how best to approach proposal development.

Guides for inventors include an introduction to IP and information on conducting a patent search.

Guides for Inventors

Innovator's Guide

A Preliminary Approach to Patent Searching

Tech Talk™ Trademarks Guide

Tech Talk™ Copyrights Guide


Guides for SBIR Candidates


SBIR Guide: DoD


SBIR Guide: DoED




SBIR vs STTR Comparison

SBIR Data Rights

Government Accounting - Cost Proposals

Tech Talk™ Proposal Writing

Profile of a Good Candidate including SBIR/STTR Fact Sheet

Company Registrations

Communicating with SBIR Program Managers

Webinars to Educate Small Business Owners

MTIP staff and counselors have developed a variety of webinars designed to educate small business owner on various tech-based economic development subjects.  These webinars are to the point, and about 15 minutes or less.  They offer useful technical information that will assist entrepreneurs in moving their technology forward toward commercialization.  The funding for these webinars was provided, in part, by the Small Business Administration’s Federal and State Technology (FAST) Program. 

Bridging the Valley of Death
Learn why early stage funding and support is critical for successful technology commercialization.

Intellectual Property Lite
Learn the basics about patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights.

Technical Writing Tips:  Goals, Objectives, Tasks
An introduction to grant proposal writing.

Telling Your Innovation
Talk and write about your innovation in non-confidential terms

SBIR/STTR - Good Fit for My Company?
Learn about the SBIR/STTR programs, and if they will work for your company

Profile of a Good SBIR/STTR Applicant Company
An introduction to the attributes commonly seen among successful SBIR/STTR applicant companies

Webinars for Service Providers

Technology-based economic development enhances regional competitive advantages by providing support expertise to the technology business sector, enabling it to become a stronger presence within the regional economic base. In order to achieve this goal, it is vital to gain skills specifically oriented to the process of technology commercialization. In the Tech ED training series, participants are introduced to the economic development framework for moving innovation from concept to market. Participants learn how to support the specialized needs of technology clients during each stage of technology development and maturation. These webinars are best viewed in order, and are approximately an hour in length. For more information, visit MTIP's page for service provider assistance.

Webinar One: Overview of Technology-Based Economic Development (TBED)Webinar One: Overview of Technology-Based Economic Development (TBED)
The importance of TBED to economic growth of a community and What TBED Requires
Profile and Attributes of a tech-based company
Types of TBED Clients
Stages of a Company
Webinar Two: Specialized Services for Technology ClientsWebinar Two: Specialized Services for Technology Clients
Defining a Technology Client
Types of Clients
Specialized Services
MTIP's SBIR/STTR Counseling Services

Webinar Three: Financing the Tech-Based EnterpriseWebinar Three: Financing the Tech-Based Enterprise
Key Factors MTIP Uses to Determine Appropriate Financing
What are SBIR and STTR?
How Agencies Operate Their SBIR/STTR Budgets
Where Can Clients Go to Find Information about R&D Funding Outside of SBIR/STTR?
Webinar Four: Intellectual PropertyWebinar Four: Intellectual property
What is Intellectual Property?
What are the Primary Forms of Intellectual Property Protection?
Explore the Issue of 'Public Disclosure' and Why it's Important
The America Invents Act
Webinar Five: Research Partners and Strategic AlliancesWebinar Five: Research Partners and Strategic Alliances
What are Strategic Alliances?
Why are Research and Industry Partners Needed?
What are the Three Main Forms of Alliances?
What Can You Do to Help Your Client Find Successful Partnerships?

Webinar Six: CommercializationWebinar Six: Commercialization
What is Commercialization?
What is the Difference Between a Commercialization Plan and a Business Plan?
Why do New Products and Technologies Fail?
Learn Ways You Can Serve a University Spin-Out and a More Sophisticated Client


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