Research and Information Services

The Census and Economic Information Center (CEIC) is the state’s official home for census and economic data. CEIC provides reliable data, analysis, mapping, and other resources critical to demographic and economic assessment in the State of Montana. This program upholds the state’s obligations to the federal Census, therefore helping to ensure that that the proper amount of federal funding is allocated to Montana.

Click here to visit the Census and Economic Information Center website.

The Industry Development Program (IDP) conducts research of industry sectors to provide strategic information and analysis to facilitate economic development and foster growth in Montana’s top industries.

IDP prepares and delivers written materials to provide strategic guidance to the Department of Commerce leadership and to market and promote Montana’s business attributes to attract investment, create good paying jobs, and increase tax base.

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Esri and ArcGIS data and mapping software are applied by the Census & Economic Information Center and the Industry Development Program to deliver information in a compact, clear, and concise manner.  These tools help the bureau to uphold our federal Census obligations as well as attract industry development to the state. Click on the link below to view maps depicting Montana’s demographic, economic, and other makeups.

ArcGIS Mapping

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