Tourism Advisory Council

Tourism Advisory Council

The Governor-appointed Tourism Advisory Council oversees the distribution of the Lodging Facility Use Tax ("bed tax") to Montana's tourism regions and convention and visitor bureaus, advises the Department of Commerce relative to tourism promotion, and fulfills other functions as defined by MCA 2-15-1816.

General Information


Bill McGladderyBill McGladdery, TAC Chair (Butte)

(406) 497-6951

Background of life and work in Montana: I have been in the hotel industry for over thirty-five years and have worked in Ohio, New York, Arizona and Colorado before moving to Montana. I have been the director of hotel operations for Town Pump for the past twelve years overseeing 12 hotels in Montana. In my position, I have the opportunity to work directly with 300 team members in our hotel division and share my passion for making every guest in our hotels feel at home. Additionally, I strive to remind all 3,300 Town Pump team members that they are part of our states second largest industry; the tourism industry!

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: I highly recommend that they spend some time in Missouri River Country. The beauty of the Montana plains and the abundance of wild life is un-paralleled anywhere in the United States. It is definitely an area of our great state where the roads are less traveled; a place where you can feel the expanse of Big Sky Country. The communities in Missouri River Country are authentic; friendly people who display a true spirit of hospitality. 

What was your most incredible Montana experience and why: Traveling between Choteau and Great Falls one day I saw several Montana Cowboys pushing a herd of cattle. Being born in Detroit and my knowledge of beef was that it was something you purchased in a grocery store I had to pull over watch and take some pictures. A true western experience that I know visitors from out of state appreciate.

Glenniss IndrelandGlenniss Indreland, TAC Vice-Chair (Big Sky)

(406) 995-5884

Background of life and work in Montana:  Being raised on a cattle ranch near Livingston provided a tremendous work ethic and appreciation for the land. I attended Montana State University where I studied graphic design. After getting my degree, I ventured out into the big world, settling in the Chicago area to work in advertising, design and multi-media. Upon returning to Montana in the late 1980’s I landed an advertising job with Big Sky Resort and have been with them in some capacity ever since. My extra-curricular involvement includes doing some freelance graphic design, volunteering at various arts organizations around Bozeman, and participating in a bucket-drum corps.

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: When guests visit me, without a doubt, Yellowstone National Park is a must-do. It’s easy to add on a Lone Peak Expedition at Big Sky Resort where we can go to the very top of an 11,000-foot peak and not break a sweat riding the chairlift, safari truck and tram. The 360-degree vista and high alpine experience is perfect for all ages.  The day is complete with a Montana micro-brew.

Which brand pillar do you most closely associate with: I am attracted most by the breathtaking experiences by day and the relaxing hospitality by night. It’s breeze to reach world-class cycling, paddle boarding, hiking, Nordic & downhill skiing in a matter of minutes. Living near downtown Bozeman affords me a wide array of wonderful cultural activities, dining and shopping, all within walking distance. The level of creativity around here is inspiring.

Alger SwingleyAlger Swingley (Babb)

(406) 450-8420

Background of life and work in Montana:  Born on the Blackfeet Nation in Northern Montana back in the day. As a kid Growing up in Browning and Helena, my family moved us to Southern California. There I was educated and raised my son, while working as a General Contractor in the fast-paced Construction industry. With thoughts of clean air and a passion for outdoor recreation, I returned home in 2006 to the Babb area to begin a new career in the Outfitting Business. Following the advice of an old timer that if I wanted to make a million dollars in the outfitting business than start with two million.

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: Blackfeet Outfitters has operated for 10 years in the growing Tourism Industry of Montana and it has been worth every day of the fun and hard work. My opportunity to serve clients has created many fond memories of the Montana lakes, rivers and trails. As the old timer also said, I am “LIVING THE DREAM”

What direction would you like to see our tourism products/strategies expand in the future: My service to the “Tourism Advisory Council” is an Honor to represent the State of Montana to the Native American tour operators, guides and all of the supporting businesses involved in making a guest or local traveler feel at home in Montana. The continued efforts of our Governor and the staff of the Department of Commerce is very well appreciated in all of “Montana Indian Country”.

Brian SprengerBrian Sprenger (Belgrade)

(406) 570-2596

Background of life and work in Montana:  I have been fortunate to live in Montana most of the past 43 years.  Over this timeframe I was lucky enough to be a skier at Big Sky in their second year and to have lived in two of the most beautiful parts of Montana, the Gallatin Valley and the Flathead valley.  With nearly 35 years of experience at airlines and airports in Montana, I have a very thorough perspective of tourisms growth and impact on Montana. 

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: I love southwest Montana and all that it has to offer but my favorite place is downtown Bozeman.  My wife and I regularly enjoy all the shopping, dining and entertainment options that one could ask for in a span of just few easily walkable blocks.  The vibrancy and excitement of the downtown area brings together one of Montana’s greatest assets, its friendly people and we enjoy the opportunity to meet up with both old and new friends.

What was your most incredible Montana experience and why: My most incredible Montana experience was when I had the opportunity to fly between Bozeman and Kalispell on a beautiful June evening.   There are few words to express the awe one experiences when looking out over the richly green mountains with a clear blue sky as the sun sets.  It is a reminder that we are part of something much bigger.

Katie GriceKatie Grice (Big Sky)

(406) 995-5753

Background of life and work in Montana: I made the move to Montana a few weeks after graduating from college in Michigan. My goal was to expand my knowledge of the hospitality and tourism industry, and of course take advantage of the boundless recreation in the state. I spent my first 7 years as a National Sales manager for Big Sky Resort, travelling the country to promote meeting and convention business in Big Sky. I then spent two years working remotely for as a Market Manager for the state. In November of 2016, I returned to Big Sky Resort as the Revenue Manager for the company.

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: The 4-season recreation in Montana is unbeatable, and it is difficult to choose my favorite adventure. Although, one of my most memorable trips was spending 5 days canoeing the 59 mile stretch of the Smith river. The purity of the area, ability to disconnect, and world classing fishing with great friends was priceless.

Which brand pillar do you most closely associate with: Of the three strategic Montana Tourism Brand Pillars, I relate with “Breathtaking experiences by day and relaxing hospitality at night”. I’m passionate about this statement because I know our visitors, wherever they are in the state, are captivated by the scenic beauty. However, our guests return because of Montana hospitality. We are inviting, eager and have the best hospitality professionals in the country. Simply stated, Montana tourism thrives because of the people. I am proud to serve on TAC and work with brilliant Montanans. 

Kim HolzerKim Holzer (Stanford)

(406) 799-7710

Background of life and work in Montana: I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of being involved with the family farm, working with many local businesses throughout the state in public relations and marketing for over 25 years. I’ve seen firsthand and on the ground how the number one and two industries (tourism and agriculture) play an important part to the economy of Montana, and I love it!

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: I really enjoy taking in the big blue sky, concerts in the park, our beautiful and exquisite national parks and green forests – it turns out Montana is a near perfect place for any kind of activity or vacation.

What was your most incredible Montana experience and why: There are quite a few! But my favorite experience was coming upon a waterfall in the Little Belt Mountains during a hike. There was something quite unique about the solitude and enjoying the sounds of nature without any interruptions. Explore as much of Montana as you possibly can! Somewhere along the way, you are sure to leave a piece of your heart here and take away with you many fond memories too.

Lindzy RothLindzy Roth (Kalispell)

(406) 871-2291

Background of life and work in Montana: I am currently employed by Kalispell Regional Healthcare in Kalispell, MT, as an International Medical Services Coordinator.  In this division, I am involved in clinical and operational matters related to assisting patients with medical and surgical care.  I assist in planning, operations, clinical care, and marketing, to populations outside of Montana through the United States, and Canada.  The focus of my work is to attract, facilitate, and assist individuals with medical needs to choose Kalispell, MT as their destination for medical care.  In addition to promotion of the assets that Kalispell Regional Medical and our doctors have to offer, the benefits of Montana are stressed and highlighted as a fantastic place to visit and for the patient to receive care and for families that come with the patient to enjoy what Montana has to offer.

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: My favorite place in Montana is Flathead Lake.  I love spending my summer on the boat with family and friends, enjoying the brisk water, beautiful view, and peaceful environment.  The two treasures I delight in showing off to visiting friend are Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park.

What was your most incredible Montana experience and why: My most incredible Montana experience happened the day I moved to Montana.  I have traveled multiple places and lived in a variety of different location such as Hawaii, California, Kentucky, and Indiana.   I had never been to Montana prior to moving here and the moment I drove into Flathead Valley I felt an overwhelming feeling of home.  Montana has been my home now for 7 years and I have no intention of ever moving again!

Matt EllisMatt Ellis (Missoula)

(406) 543-3300

Background of life and work in Montana: I am the Executive Vice President of the Missoula Osprey Professional Baseball Club and the MSO Hub - a retail, ticketing, and visitors center hub in downtown Missoula.  I also oversee the management of Ogren Park Allegiance Field, the City owned stadium which the Osprey lease and operate year around.  Lastly, I own the Uptown Diner restaurant in downtown Missoula.  Locally, I am currently a Board of Director for the Missoula Downtown Association, Destination Missoula, and a member of the Missoula Parking Commission.  I am also a co-chair of the Downtown Missoula Master Plan Implementation Committee. 

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: I highly recommend experiencing the outdoors of Montana.  I am an avid camper and enjoy spending my free time at Montana State Park campgrounds. Whether it is fishing on a river or hiking our beautiful scenic landscape the great Montana outdoors has something for everyone.

What was your most incredible Montana experience and why: My most incredible Montana experience was riding up the Beartooth Highway in a Historic Yellow Bus from Yellowstone National Park.  The bus was restored by the Buses of Yellowstone Preservation Trust out of Red Lodge, MT.  The Beartooth Highway is a must for those looking for a spectacular day trip in this great state.

Patricia McGlynnPatricia McGlynn (Kalispell)

(406) 758-5554

Background of life and work in Montana: I have worked for Montana State University Extension for almost 10 years. As an associate professor and county agent, it is my pleasure to work with Montana citizens in the area of agriculture research, community development and natural resource management. My goal is to help preserve the natural landscape of this beautiful state by providing educational opportunities for agriculture producers and residents.  When agriculture is economically sustainable, it is better able to compete with development pressure.

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: The mountain peaks of Glacier National Park greet me to the east as I drive into work every day. A day does not pass that I am not in awe of their majesty. The park offers white water rafting, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, camping, horseback riding and other activities throughout the year. I love outdoor events during every season. I enjoy skijouring, the Dragonboat races, Pond Hockey, winter carnival, and the Event at Rebecca Farm, to name a few.

What direction would you like to see our tourism products/strategies expand in the future: In my new role as a member of the TAC Committee, I hope to be able to increase the impact of the work I have been doing on agritourism activities in Montana. Helping farmers market their businesses and expanding opportunities for tourists is a win-win for the state. There is room for growth in this area that is sure to please the geo-traveler looking for authentic experiences.

Rachel GreggRachel Gregg (Missoula)

(406) 541-3456

Background of life and work in Montana: Rachel Gregg arrived in Montana in 2005 to take a seasonal job at St. Mary Lodge in Glacier National Park. Following her stint in Glacier, Rachel relocated to Missoula and completed her Bachelors and Masters Degree in Communication at the University of Montana. After working in venue management and ticketing for Missoula’s Historic Wilma Theater and the Adams Center, Rachel joined the Montana Film Office in 2013, coordinating efforts to market Montana as a destination for movie and television production. Today Rachel is the Executive Director of the Big Sky Film Institute and produces the annual Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: My favorite place in Montana is always on the river - I highly recommend white water on the Clark Fork’s Alberton Gorge, or for a day of fishing, hit Rock Creek for bank casts or the Madison at good flow for a Rainbow challenge. I also have a soft spot for Norris Hot Springs, Bluegrass, local food and a soak in the Water of the Gods cures all.

What was your most incredible Montana experience and why: Though many of my most memorable Montana adventures undoubtedly include explorations of Glacier National Park, I’m more likely to be found spending my free time today camping or floating. A 2015 float on the Smith River introduced me to a paradise I had never imagined. For 5 days we floated, fished, camped and played along a blue ribbon trout stream flush with fish and winding between dramatic cliffs for nearly 60 miles. Dutch oven dinners, daily floatillas, and watery seclusion in the Montana wilderness is an experience I will never forget.

Rhonda FitzgeraldRhonda Fitzgerald (Whitefish)

(406) 862-3440

Background of life and work in Montana: Rhonda owns the Garden Wall Inn in downtown Whitefish. She is an appointed Director of the Whitefish CVB and vice-chair of Whitefish’s downtown business association, Heart of Whitefish. Heart of Whitefish partnered with the City of Whitefish to develop, adopt and implement its highly successful Downtown Business District Masterplan.  She is a Board member of the Crown of the Continent Geotourism Council.

Rhonda was awarded Montana Tourism Person of the Year in 2009, and Whitefish Community Person of the Year in 2003. As a member of the Montana Tourism Advisory Council Rhonda guided the development of the Montana Tourism Charter and the MONTANA BRAND. She served as chair of the TAC in 2011-2012. Rhonda is co-chair of the Main Street Montana Project Tourism Key Industry Network.

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: Glacier National Park is a truly spectacular place, unlike anywhere else. Hike a few miles into the Park, you are surrounded by breathtaking majesty. Sheer walls of red and green rock, lush forests, tumbling waterfalls and deep azure lakes. Indescribable really!  In Fall- golds, reds and oranges contrast with the deep blue sky, in Spring-every color of green reflects in the still pools and rushing water.  In Winter- silent but for the swish of your skis crossing the magnificent landscape blanketed in snow.

Which brand pillar do you most closely associate with: I associate equally with the three BRAND Pillars, as they are integrally connected, and must work together to achieve the effect of conveying the essence of Montana.

  • More spectacular unspoiled nature: The primary reason that visitors, our customers, come to Montana. Also, the reason I live here!
  • Vibrant charming small towns as gateways to natural wonders: Tells visitors that they will have the basics of civilization and a great small town experience. I work hard in my community to insure we deliver on the promise of charm and vibrancy.  
  • Breathtaking experiences by day and relaxing hospitality at night: Visitors want the spectacular experiences, but need to be reassured they will also have "creature comforts".  In my business, we strive every day to provide the comfort counterpoint to their exhilarating days.

Steve WahrlichSteve Wahrlich (Billings)

(406) 238-1793

Background of life and work in Montana:  I put butts into beds.  I have owned and operated hotels throughout the west since 1974.  In 2005 I purchased and continue to operate the Best Western Plus ClockTower Inn in Billings, Montana.  I believe and practice trying to make the state of Montana better. My belief is, if the state of MT does better, the city of Billings will do better, downtown Billings will do better and in the end my business will do better; which will give me more time and opportunity to make the state better.

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: My favorite place in Montana isn’t one place; it is enjoying the outdoors of Big Sky Country.  Whether it is skiing in the winter, hiking in the spring or summer, fishing, bike riding, camping, golfing or just relaxing under the Montana sky with friends, Montana cannot be equaled for its quality of outdoor activities.

Most incredible Montana experience and why: On my first trip through Yellowstone National Park in late September, the sun was setting as I was coming around a blind corner, (yes probably driving faster than I should) I literally ran in to (didn’t hit) a large herd of Buffalo.  I was awestruck by the sheer size and tenderness of this animal.  I had never seen such a majestic creature that appeared to have no care in the world just walking down the road.  Amazing!

Tami BurkeTami Burke (Glasgow)

(406) 480-2819

Background of life and work in Montana: I am a Montana native that loves the outdoors.  I‘ve worked in a gamut of tourism industry positions for the past 16 years and have a deep commitment to the industry and an in-depth knowledge of how vital visitors are to our economy in Montana.  I am currently employed as the Executive Director for the Glasgow Tourism Business Improvement District where my role is essentially to put heads in the beds of our lodging facilities. 

Favorite Montana place or activity you would recommend to someone visiting Montana: My favorite place in Montana would be the Fort Peck Reservoir, Montana’s largest body of water.  With 1520 miles of shoreline and a diverse landscape surrounding the waters to play in year round, it never disappoints.  From fishing either fly or spin rod, sailing, windsurfing, paddling my SUP or just a sunrise/sunset boat ride during the spring/summer/autumn months to ice fishing and cross country skiing during the winter months, the lake is my favorite playground. 

Which brand pillar do you most closely associate with: Spectacular and unspoiled nature-the definition of the area to which I call home.  From the Ft. Peck Dam along the Missouri River lies the Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge, the 2nd largest Refuge in the lower 48.  Wild and diverse in both landscape and wildlife the remoteness of the Refuge along with its expansive boundaries creates a peacefulness in this chaotic world. 

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