Grant Programs

The Montana Department of Commerce Disaster Recovery Grant Program offers two new grant programs. The Tourism Emergency Marketing Grant is available for impacted communities. The Disaster Recovery Small Business Grant is available for registered businesses in the state of Montana. 

The maximum award per grant is $5,000.00 and will be available on a first come, first serve basis until the grant funding pool is extinguished.

Montana Department of Commerce, Tourism Emergency Marketing Grants
Provides critical, time sensitive funding for emergency communications and marketing materials for visitors or supporting tourism businesses and communities. See application for examples of eligible expenses.
Available to: Local Governments, Tribes, and Tourism Regions/CVBs

Montana Department of Commerce, Montana Disaster Recovery Small Business Grant Program
Help disaster impacted businesses create and retain jobs for the community by stabilizing weakened businesses, encouraging businesses owners to re-open or stay in business due to an adjacent disaster event. See application for examples of eligible expenses.
Available to: Montana Businesses (registered in the State of Montana)

An on-line application is required. If approved, a signed contract and W-9 will be required before a payment can be processed. Supporting documentation for eligible fund use is required within 30 days of award notice.


Additional resource links:

  • W-9 (PDF)
    Required of every grantee and for every business to which grant funds will be paid
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Form (Word)
    To receive funds electronically to a designated bank account
    *Must be accompanied by a canceled or voided check or deposit slip


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